The Science of the Fiction

02 November 2001 11.23am

Woke up after a long night in front of tritonis.Almost fell asleep on it. At least i finished that encryption algorithm i was writing. Zero knowledge proof of concept.

04 November 2001 13.235pm

Woke up again. I opened my box screen and noticed that i have some new job vacancy messages. Time to make some phone calls and have some voice signals go through the line for a change. The time has passed and i have to get my ass out of here.Have to travel some time to find that place. I put my MD load it ,and of I go. Just around the corner from my house there was a cat lying on the pavement (it was dead)only some blood was coming out of its mouth.

I arrived at the $uper Market. The usual scene: loads of people bying loads of stuff for no reason. Stupid robots, they are just programmed to not think and follow instructions by commercial data providers. I walked in there and started wonderring around. I had my headphones on very loud and i was not in contact with the outside world. At an asle there was a man lying down on the floor unconcious and people from the staff on him.I passed by although they did not let anyone come close. Mid 50s, his things were all over the place and he was moaning really LOUD, what the fuck? What a weird day. A cat dead and a man struggling on the floor of a $uper Market. Robots looking at him. I walked out and headed towards the check out.I could not wait at the queue for some reason. I felt weird standing there waiting with the robots to pay my useless goods and get out. These people dont have the same urge to learn.I am isolated from the physical world. I dont like them.

I stood at the queue for five minutes and I had a huge brainstorm of ideas. Left the goods and left from this $hit place. Got home and reminded myself that this is just how this world is. I had to get on with my life in the digital world.

04 November 2001 18.00pm

The daylight has gone now and I thought i would be better if I got some sleep. No luck. The phone rings and is my mother!

After that I turned the lights on and got tritonis in my hands. I looked at the AIDS logs for my systems to spot any unusual events. Two false positives from the external attack correleation rule. Started sniffing on the LAN to practice data disassembly. The SSL off-loader is playing funny again! Read some security advisories and patched my systems.

I asked myself if it is really a virtual world? Why am I not out in the real world? I guess because the outside world is a lot more cruel than this one. It is not that I am an anti-social person and that I dont like human beings,I am a human being myself (last time I checked anyway).

However the Internet makes no discriminations, there are no deaths, no poverty, no boundaries, and it is full of information about the outside world. People are not aware of the things u can find in here. The ideal place and mechanism for information dissimination with no geographical boundaries , as these are defined in the "real"world.

It is in our competitive nature. The adrenaline rush is overkilling. I just like to challenge myself.See how far can I go what are my strengths and weaknesses. Someone said: "To dare: Is also to dare to fail."

I am tired of writing now and behind the window I am typing, there is a document about DNS sp00fing.I must read it.

09 January 2002 21.33pm

I have been awake for 25 hours now.I thought the new year would be more relaxed. I dont even remember if I had sth to eat. The Lab has been really bussy. One of our covert channels has been compromised and shut down. We had to populate new internet coordinates for call back. Next meeting point is going to be created in 15 days. We still dont know where its going to be. We have to wait. We will then calculate how many losses we had if any.

04 February 2002 21.33pm

We only suffered 3.5% loss. This is really good. Our infection rate has been following the original model for almost a year now. A lot of work has been put into this. Its only experimental right now but when we finalise the implementation and methodology we should be able to run a simulation with an estimated loss of 6% of the population.

28 May 2002 01:07am

Tonight I escorted a friend of mine to the underground station. As I was in the underground I suddenly noticed what an amazingly engineered city, London was. It has been explicitly built arround the word "production". A huge interconnected network of services, resources, and resource re-charging points which all serve a uniq idea "Capitalism in its most commercially exploited fashion ever".
Yes, we have become production machines and we r fed with materialistic content.
Yes, human beings in capitalistic societies r consumables (they can recharge a few times and they can reproduce other machines until their life cycle ends and here we go again).

Yours truly Mr. Neumann János Lajos
A living cellular automata!
finite state automata -> Each Person or active/passive entity
cell space                   -> Our known universe
neighborhood            -> Our social and every day interacting environment

I could view our society as a chaotic quantum physics model of "evolution". It is PRACTICALLY impossible to predict the exact behaviour of such a model, because of the infinite variables that are involved. One of the most unpredictable elements in this model is "the human being itself". We still havent figure out, ourselves.

26 hours with no sleep and counting (and only with seven coffees and a packet of ciggarettes). I really have to get some rest. People lately have been saying to me

"D. u lost weight, do u know that?"

"I havent noticed u c. The brainwash is not working"

We wont go ahead much longer like this. However i think i am getting a bit paranoid with security.
I am trying to overcome it by getting in contact with the other sex. I am considered to me male by the way.
I better get some rst.
My head is full of images, sounds, feelings.
I need to clean up. A good night sleep should revitilize my brain and body cells. I am off to recharge my batteries. And people of the arts dont give up.

0155: Going to sleep (I will probably spend a couple of hours more on my Linux box)<-sad ::::