Beyond Science Fiction

Title: The Last Hope

Chapter 1: The Call

I was sleeping soundly on my plastic bed under the deep blue light. Strange nightmares wandered in my head for quite some time. My crypto-phone was ringing. I woke up frightened in the middle of the night. I was thinking "what the fuck?" Was this a part of my nightmares? A mobile secure conversation was established using a Zer0 Knowledge encryption algorithm written by Zero.

Neuro: Who is speaking?
Sque: Sque...
Neuro: What the hell..
Sque: listen, the Japanese tekkie samurai team contacted me. They informed me that Artificial Intelligent Machines (AIMs) get stronger and aggressive. They are planning a lethal attack. AIMs expand themselves in uncontrollable ways. They destroy everything, even themselves. It's like capitali$m in the first decade of 21st century. Contact Hikari (light). He told me that the virus is ready for action.
Neuro: How do they know that?
Sque: They have established a backdoor to the government.
Neuro: Are they goanna participate in this?
Sque: Hikari told me that they couldn’t. Yakuza is watching them very closely.
Neuro: oh, fuck!!!

Chapter 2: Meeting the Cirrus

I connected to the UnderNet through my cyberconsole. My cyberconsole developed by Zero, it is a piece of art, the fastest cyberconsole ever made. The name of it is, "MASARU (victory) II". During my hovering in the cyberspace I met Cirrus.

Neuro: Did Sque inform you?
Cirrus: Yes he did.
Neuro: Let's get a ride to see their security more closely.
Cirrus: Yes, let's take a quick look.

We watched them from a safe position. The security of their perimeter was a piece of art. White sharp lines emanated from the source. At the end of the lines big colorful cubes hovering in the cyberspace, beautiful and ready to defend any threat. Really aggressive. We were not able to get closer as we would end up dead.

Chapter 3: Trip to Tokyo

Through our cyberconsoles Cirrus and I connected and dived into cyberspace with maximum speed in order to trip to Tokyo and meet Hikari, from the Japanese team. We felt many vibrations through our dive. Black aggressive lines tried to penetrate the UnderNet. It was the government who tried to break the UnderNet for ages, but with no luck. UnderNet is a dedicated strong encrypted network different from the common one. This network was created in order for free people to feel free into the cyberspace without being bothered by any government restrictions. UnderNet operates under its own rules. Freedom-Openness-Neutrality.

We met Hikari in a big empty white room. The air smelt like burnt memory. Dub music waves in the air.

Hikari: Hi there
Neuro: Hi, we are here...
Hikari: Yes I know, I called you. We have to transfer ourselves to another room.
Cirrus: Ok.

Suddenly, we were in a narrow corridor, the private encryption was very strong. I felt dizzy. In the end of the corridor a white terminal with a black background waits for us. The cursor was blinking very fast. A big hologram appeared from the screen. It was an old ancient giant samurai warrior ready to fight.

Hikari: Hey giant, we come in Peace.
Warrior: I know my mission, the virus, namely "Obituary0x", can only be transferred from this terminal to the source.  Your mission is to go to the source, get the "Obituary0x" and attack the AIMs perimeter. This virus is not aggressive and does not penetrate the target in the first attempt. It sends hypnotic information until the entire perimeter is covered, and then starts to destroy the AIMs.
Neuro: Let's start the transfer.
Warrior: Transfer is in progress.

Different colorful pictures emerged from the screen. Few minutes later the transfer is completed. The giant warrior disappeared. The terminal was destroyed and transformed to bubbles that disappeared to the cyberspace like millions of zer0 figures.

Neuro: Hikari, can I ask you something?
Hikari: Yes, please.
Neuro: I saw the security of the AIMs and it looks promising.
Hikari: I know that, we stole the blueprints, through our backdoor, so we created a virus; even these AIMs have some vulnerability.
Cirrus: Brilliant.
Hikari: Sque knows, he participated in the development. By the way, inform him that we have to make some improvements to the software. Tell him to contact via the secure hexagonical line.
Neuro: Will do.

Chapter 4: The Source

Few days later, cirrus and me, met in the heart of Tokyo to discuss about the operation. Tokyo was a brilliant place, and we love it. Zero also participated our discussion. Zero, usually, travels to the cyberspace using an abnormal way. Zero and Sque have developed a different approach rather using a cyberconsole. They used the teleportation method, a very effective and totally stealthy way to travel to the UnderNet. However, this method was in an early stage and they use it as a beta test, although, until now, it works fine. Sque was already with Hikari. They had a job to do.

So we met in a café near the Tokyo Station.

Neuro: we have to go to the source very soon and load the virus by diving to the security perimeter of AIMs.
Cirrus: Where is the source located?
Neuro: The source is located to Moscow Underground Metro.

The Moscow Underground Metro is really huge. It is such as a big spider where cobwebs create a big spoken hub distribution paradigm.  

Cirrus: How can we approach the source?
Neuro: The source is located at line, 0b1000101. The metro is closed at 01:00 after midnight. So we will approach it after that time.
Zero: Any guards?
Neuro: Yes, you have to secure all the lines, additionally you should masquerade all the data, like it is a normal night in the metro. Any noise will cost us. The operation should be stealthy and undetectable to avoid problems.
Zero: I have a lot of work to do.
Cirrus: Call us in a secure manner when you are ready.
Zero: Will do.

Zero disappeared through his teleportation technology, by leaving a silver dust hovering to the cyberspace. A grain of dust dropped in my caffè latte. It smelt like an ACID.

I disconnected from my cyberconsole. I rested my body and my mind by drinking a glass of a white wine and lit a cigarette under my favorite blue light. After 5 hours Zero called me using a zer0 proof encryption algorithm. “Everything is ready”.

Cirrus and me, dived into cyberspace. The encryption was very strong and very secure. Multiple rainbows sprang up in arbitrary manner right and left. They were our shields. A dozen of hologram guards were bypassed very easily. Zero did a really good job. We arrived at line 0b1000101. The landscape changed. Α long circular tunnel appeared in front of our eyes. At the end of this tunnel a big oval port with a 4 dimensional square green light hovering in the cyberspace. We looked each other…”Let’s approach it”. The door opened automatically. We approached a terminal where a hologram appeared in front of our eyes. It was a beautiful girl dressed in black plastic clothes, long black straight hair and beautiful grey eyes. She smelled like a Violet Carson Rose. Her voice was sweet and mild.

Beautiful Girl: Welcome to the temporary source…
Cirrus: Hi Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Girl: Please say verbally the password.

We looked each other. Which password?

Cirrus: Obituary0x.
Beautiful Girl: Access is denied.
Cirrus: “What the fuck?”
Neuro: We have to think. This was not a part of the initial plan.

Cirrus was very good in solving puzzles and find secrets. His mind worked like a multitasking black daemon with sharp eyes. One day I saw him to solve a 4D Rubik’s cube in less than 10 minutes. It was amazing.

Cirrus: Ok, let’s think. Possibly the password has to do with the place that we are.  Neuro, remind me the line of the station.
Neuro: the line is 0b1000101
Cirrus: The line and the password have something in common.

He stretched his hand to the cyberspace and writes up in the air the name of the virus and the metro station line.


Cirrus: I think I found it. The password is Obituray0x but with one (1).
Beautiful Girl: Access Granted, transfer in progress.

Chapter 5: The Destination

The next day I connected to cyberspace. I had a little job to do. I had to meet a professional assassin in the London Underground Metro. A special gun was needed for launching the virus through the cyberconsole.  So I called M.A.F.I.A. M.A.F.I.A stands from Mechanical Artificial Fighter and Infiltrator Android, although, he was a CYBORG. M.A.F.I.A was a very dangerous assassin and expert in martial arts.

I arrived in London. The sky was foggy, dark and silver like liquid mercury.

Neuro: Hi M.A.F.I.A
M.A.F.I.A: Long time to speak with you, how it’s going?
Neuro: so and so.
M.A.F.I.A: How can I help?
Neuro: I need a high-resolution gun.
M.A.F.I.A: Do you want to fuck someone?
Neuro: I really need it. I want to launch a virus.
M.A.F.I.A: Ok, the gun you need is the «CyberAssassin M1A1 Full-Metal Body»
Neuro: How much does it cost?
M.A.F.I.A: For you nothing. I owe you. Remember?
Neuro: Yes I do.
M.A.F.I.A: Good luck.
Neuro: Same to you.

I returned to my house. Everything was setup properly. I called Cirrus. Cirrus was ready too.

Few hours later, we dived through MASARU II to the cyberspace. Our destination was to reach the AIMs and launch the virus against them. The vibrations were very strong this time. The “World” Police, part of the government project, tried to penetrate the UnderNet. It was the most exponential attack until now. Fortunately the UnderNet withstood the attack. I felt very dizzy, ready to vomit.

Cirrus: Are you Ok?
Neuro: Yes, controllable.
Cirrus: The attack is very strong.
Neuro: Maybe part of information was leaked. They are preparing themselves. But it’s too late for them.

We arrived at a very close distance. The cubes changed their colors very fast. They looked very aggressive and nervous. I put the virus into the CyberAssassin M1A1 and I targeted the external perimeter of AIMs. It was not an easy shooting. When the colors of cubes were changed, then the landscape was changed lightly, and instantly a big silver light rise from the source provoking blindness. I marked the target at the right time. The virus removed from the barrel like a firework. Red and Yellow stripes was launched in the cyberspace targeted the AIMs external cubes.

We were already 6 hours into cyberspace. We were undetectable, under the shield of smooth colorful rainbows and at the edges pop up spikes from steel. We observed the virus expanding itself smoothly and slowly by sending hypnotic information to the colorful cubes and to the white sharp stripe lines respectively.

After a while, we observed that the virus has covered the entire surface with a green veil. It seemed like an ugly viscid gel. Suddenly, the virus became very aggressive. It started to mutate itself to multiple big black steel spheres. Big explosions were taking place. The colorful cubes stopped being colorful. The cubes and the lines became black. A big empty black hole opened in cyberspace. It was part of their defense. They tried to hide by shrinking their size. The virus started to launch big colorful rainbows and attacked directly to the source. Big explosions and big lights filled cyberspace. After 3 hours, a smell of burnt steel and destroyed pieces, looking like an old broken mirror, hovering in the cyberspace.

Chapter 6: The Departure

I was exhausted. We were 15 hours connected to the cyberspace and we fought the AIMs. It was like an inception. Possibly the most lethal war against the machines ever made. I took a shower at my apartment. I saw a damaged paper note near my silver ashtray located on my small black circular wooden table.

We had wonderful times. Had to leave.
It’s my nature no to stay for a long time.
Be careful. OK?

I packed my stuff, took my console and moved to East Berlin…Temporarilly…

+++Written by Neuro+++