Zero found out on the Internet for a transatlantic adventure, the "Hackers On a Plane" activity. It was an incredible experience with a specially chartered "Hackers on the Plane" flight. We bought two tickets for 1337 euro, each, and we visited Defcon conference in Las Vegas and then we flew back to Germany at the CCC Camp 2007 in Finowfurt near Berlin. In Berlin we met with Sque and Cirrus. We had a great time, and for the first time we came across the hackerspace idea. We saw the creativity and the collaboration in the digital age from various hackerpsaces, such as metalab, C-Base etc. We saw people with skills working together and create amazing things. We took a decision to create one, however until now it is only virtual. Our vision, in the near future, is to create an open place where people can meet, collaborate, work together in a space where objects meets events with same relative position and direction.

Who can join this space?

Everyone can join the "0x0lab" space. People from different directions, such as technology, art, people that have computers and create things for the public benefit. People that have ideas, people that want to know how things work.

"Hackers are bad people". Is that true?

Far away from it. Media are very powerful and their propaganda is working well in conjunction with gonverments and "security experts". Gonverments and big businesses see hackers as criminals. ALL others, see hackers as freedom fighters of electronic revolution. Please visit the page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacker for more information about the definition "Hacker".

Also, in order to understand this definition and learn some history about this subject, we propose 2 (two) books:

  • The Hacker Crackdown (Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier) by Bruce Sterling
  • Hackers (Heroes of the computer revolution) by Steve Levy

I want to learn more. Is there any open book that can learn more, including hackerspaces worldwide and their history?

Sure. Community does a good job and tries to spread this movement. Please visit http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Documentation and download "Hackerspaces: the beginning--the book". Furtermore if you do not know what a hackerspace is, please visit and read http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/

Contact Info

Mail: hub  [at] 0x0lab [dot] org

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/0x0lab