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02 November 2001 11.23am

Woke up after a long night in front of tritonis.Almost fell asleep on it. At least i finished that encryption algorithm i was writing. Zero knowledge proof of concept.

04 November 2001 13.235pm

Woke up again. I opened my box screen and noticed that i have some new job vacancy messages. Time to make some phone calls and have some voice signals go through the line for a change. The time has passed and i have to get my ass out of here.Have to travel some time to find that place. I put my MD load it ,and of I go. Just around the corner from my house there was a cat lying on the pavement (it was dead)only some blood was coming out of its mouth.

I arrived at the $uper Market.The usual scene: loads of people buying loads of stuff for no reason. Stupid robots, they are just programmed to not think and follow instructions by commercial data providers. I walked in there and started wonderring around. I had my headphones on very loud and i was not in contact with the outside world. At an asle there was a man lying down on the floor unconcious and people from the staff on him.I passed by although they did not let anyone come close.Mid 50s, his things were all over the place and he was moaning really LOUD, what the fuck?. What a weird day... more